HYS Elektronic is an organization that provides services in Membrane Switch and Panel Label products to manufacturers that constitute automation, electronics, white goods, automotive, etc. companies as a customer portfolio.

Thanks to our R&D department, our company meets the needs of manufacturers and works by aiming to gain the satisfaction of our customers with its staff, each of whom specializes in their own field and adopts customer satisfaction and high quality understanding as a priority.

HYS Elektronik | About Us


Our mission is to meet the needs of our customers and society by producing innovative and original solutions in every field of the electronics world. We act with the understanding of continuous learning and development by closely following technological developments.

By keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level, we respond to their demands in the best way possible. One of our main duties is to find solutions to our customers’ problems and to make their work more effective and efficient.

As HYS Elektronik, we aim to be your reliable partner in the sector by combining quality and reliability in production. We act with the commitment to produce products that provide positive impacts on human life and the future of technology by considering sustainability and ethical values.

Our mission includes adopting an ethical and fair approach not only in our business but also in fulfilling our social responsibilities. At HYS Elektronik, we are committed to building a strong and sustainable structure for the future, driven by innovation, quality and responsibility,


We aim to maintain our leading position in our sector by following innovation processes, new technological possibilities and opportunities and all developments that will carry us forward in the production of panel labels and membrane switches with Industrial Screen Printing technique. It is a part of our company principle to direct the technology and opportunities we use with the awareness of our social responsibility, to direct our sector with our enthusiastic and innovative employees. To be able to serve customers safely and with peace of mind and to gain the understanding of a company whose name is among the leaders in the technological field both at home and abroad.