In today’s rapidly developing technological world, the need for new and innovative techniques in the design and production of electronic products is increasing day by day. In this context, HYS Electronics is one of the pioneers of laser cutting and engraving technology, making significant contributions to the electronics industry. By successfully adopting these technologies, HYS is having a transformative impact on the design, production and processing of products.

Laser Cutting Technology:

HYS Elektronik utilizes laser cutting technology for the production and cutting of precision and complex parts. This technology offers many advantages over traditional cutting methods. Laser cutting enables the production of finely detailed parts that are not subject to material limitations. In addition, it does not damage the material during the cutting process and guarantees the highest precision. This is a great advantage, especially in the production of electronic circuit boards, sensors and other sensitive electronic components.

Laser Engraving Technology:

HYS also uses laser engraving technology for processing and customization of products. Laser engraving is the perfect solution for precise and durable markings on products. This technology enables permanent engraving of serial numbers, QR codes, logos and other special markings on products. It is also used to enhance the decorative and aesthetic properties of products that need surface treatment.


Using HYS Elektronik’s laser cutting and engraving technologies offers the following advantages:

Speed and Precision: Laser technology enables fast and highly accurate cutting and marking processes.
Flexibility: It can be adapted for cutting and processing different materials. This includes processing metal, plastic, glass and other materials.
Quality and Durability: Laser processing is used to achieve permanent and high quality results.
Environmentally Friendly: It is environmentally friendly as an energy-efficient process where no chemical waste is generated.
Customization: It is ideal for making special markings on products in accordance with customer requirements.

HYS Elektronik continues its commitment to responding to the demands of the electronics industry by offering customized solutions tailored to customer needs. The use of laser cutting and engraving technology offers great potential to improve product quality, optimize production processes and reduce costs. This technology will continue to shape the transformation of the electronics industry in the future.